How To Pick The Correct Footwear For Your Freestyle Or Ballet Class

This is a very crucial part of purchasing when you are about to start something new. You must remember that the right footwear will give you the gift of elegant and graceful motion while the ones that are wrong will give you a lot of cuts, bruises, burns and falls.

Its no easy to pick the exact right match for you though which is why this guideline will hopefully help you pick your footwear easily the next time around.

Test for the right fit

As when you buy dance wear in Australia, you really need to test the fit in this case too. It should be the perfect and snug fit with no loose bits or your fingers feeling tightened. While the footwear should not fall off, it also must give you enough room to move your toes around. You do not want to lose circulation to your toes mid performance do you?

Is leather better or canvas?

Even when you buy jazz shoes online, you need to remember that leather is obviously more durable than canvas. However, as a beginner, the canvas will give you more flexibility and the chance of acquiring a wider range of motion. Canvas is also easier when it comes to cleaning and will give a novice better stability on vinyl floors while leather would work really well on wooden floors. Female students will almost always be told to wear pink footwear while male students can wear black or white. Satin is only worn during performances or during recitals.

Go for footwear that has a full sole

It generally provides you with a lot more comfort and it is therefore recommended for beginners especially. Split soles do offer a lot more flexibility and both the student and the teacher will be clearly able to see the arch of the foot with these. If you are unsure which to go for, ask your teachers or your academy for help and guidance.

It is better to purchase footwear with pre-attached elastic

If you happen to purchase footwear that has unattached elastic straps you will have to manually sew them onto the footwear. To avoid this hassle always purchase the ones that comes with the straps stitched on to them. There are footwear types that either have one strap or two that crisscross each other. See which one suits you the best in terms of keeping your foot firmly inside and comfortable. If you can follow these simple guidelines when you start picking out your first footwear, you will get the hand of it in no time and be able to make your selections with much more ease.

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