Knee High Socks Used In Various Styles

The Knee high socks are especially used by different people during the winter season. People wear knee high socks to protect their legs from cold and make legs warmer. Some wear these under half shorts and some under pajamas. Apart from protection from cold women wear them as a fashionable product. These knee high socks have capability to cover the entire leg and keep it warm.
Knee high socks for ladies
Used as a school uniform:
Knee high socks are mostly used by the school girl as it is a part of school uniform. The girls wear this under a short and cover their legs. Besides having formality to wear knee high socks, they wear them as a fashion brand also. School girls wear a half shirt and makes shorts too short and then good knee high socks with high heel shoes to look smart and sexy. Check this out and find out other comfortable socks that will fit for you.
Used in a costume:
Knee high socks are also used in different costumes. Many dress code allows knee high socks like costumes of nurses in the hospitals; many women wear it in an office with coat, shorts, and socks. It is a traditional costume also, you have seen many Christian women called as a sister, wear the women knee high socks.
Used as party wear:
If you have gone to a party in a club or restaurant, the lady waitress wears this knee high socks as their uniform. Other than that, many girls wear knee high socks to look hot and sexy. You can make your outfit in different styles using knee high socks, which suits you better.
Used as winter wear:
The main use of knee high socks is they protect your legs from cold during winter. Winter wear knee high socks are made up of materials like wool which are warm. Most of them use cotton made knee high socks during summer to protect their skin from the sun. The cotton knee high socks are thin, and they avoid sweat coming out of your legs.
Different shoes matching with socks
Knee high socks are mainly used in school uniforms, so they are black or white in color with school shoes. But apart from black or white women wear different colors knee high socks with different cloths.
For official work, particular color socks should be worn with the formal shoes. Many different colored strips knee high socks are worn with the high heel sandals for the party.
This knee high socks has a great importance in sports also, this is worn in different sports like football and basketball. Knee high socks are the part of the sports uniform and mostly worn with the sports shoes.